Hi Fellow Learners,



Is it just me or does TeacherTube feel a whole lot less intimidating than YouTube?  TeacherTube just seems so much more relaxed and professional.  Was it my imagination or did they ask less questions when signing up for an account with TeacherTube?  It seems less invasive somehow even though there’s still advertising.   I still think that the “over 18” question a joke and that you have to verify that you’re an educator to use the video sharing site.  How many teachers are under the age of 18 anyways?



As an educator constantly discussing copyright issues with my colleagues and students, I was heartened to see their copyright warning clearly visible.  It states: “Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music concerts, or commercials without permission unless they consist entirely of content you created yourself. Please refer to our Copyright Tips page for some guidelines and links to help you determine whether your video infringes someone else’s copyright.”  Like YouTube, TeacherTube relies on others to “tag” inappropriate material. 

As a teacher, I like the fact that Google videos are moderated and you can search for google videos with a “strick filter” in place.  I

n the Terms & Conditions, Google Video is not required to host or display uploaded content. Google Video can refuse to host or allow links to content that violates its policies.  These include:


Yesterday when I tried YouTube for the first time, I couldn’t imagine uploading my video and sharing it publically.  Perhaps it’s the intended audience and the fact that it’s not so massive, but I didn’t have any difficulty sharing my own videos on TeacherTube.  The “Help” section was excellent.  I can see immediately why TeacherTube is not blocked at my school whereas YouTube is.  It doesn’t appeal to the masses and the videos are not so “risqué.”  I think it would be a far better place to place your own educational videos and those created by your students.  You have the option of deciding who gets to see your video so this might be the safe option for schools.



Using TeacherTube feels like entering a community of learners where I can learn from the teaching of others and share what I know as well.  This is an empowering feeling – one that I imagine students would feel seeing their work “on the big screen” and being shared with others.  Being able to tag your own and others’ videos and search the site is a great way to find the materials you are looking for as a teacher.  Having the ability to comment on videos and have others comment on your videos creates a collaborative learning community.



I decided to upload one of my own videos to TeacherTube about the merits of teacher-libarians in today’s information age.  It was extremely easy to upload my video to the TeacherTube site although you do have to be patient because it took at least 10 minutes to load each of my short videos.  


I thought it was going to be as easy to add my TeacherTube video to my blog as it was to upload the YouTube video but was I wrong.  I don’t think I’m able to show it in the same way as a YouTube video because I’ve chosen to use a template rather than build my blog from scratch which would have allowed me to edit the html.  I’m wondering if those of you who have chosen to create a blog using blogger.com have the same difficulty with TeacherTube.  Quite frankly, I’m too tired to think about anything more right now so I’m just going to link my teacher-librarian TeacherTube video  and go to bed!





p.s.  I found a fun cartoon maker today which I think you and your students might really enjoy.  You can share all your cartoons with your friends.  It’s called The Cartoon Strip Creator.