Hi fellow Classmates,

Today I gave the photo sharing site, Bubbleshare, a try.  It’s free and easy to sign up but a valid email is necessary to verify your account (teachers take note).  It features unlimited storage, clip art captions, audio captions and video captions, frames in 20 varying themes (my favorites were the T.V. frame that students could use to produce a slide show “documentary) and the beach frame), tags, a search engine, options for public or private viewings, posting to blogs and MySpace, commenting on other pictures, a gallery of photos from others, and sharing through email or URL.


At first, I thought I was going to like this site because of its clean interface and simple directions.  I thought it might be easier for younger students, in particular. However, I found it frustrating to use because I had to download one picture at a time when I was trying to put together a slide show and the worst part about it was the site kept freezing up.  I had to go in and out of the system at least 10 times when I was trying to complete my slideshow.  When I tried to send my slideshow to my sister, I don’t know if it got sent because it took so long and I might have given up too soon and lost the connection.


Overall, I would not recommend this site because it’s just too slow.  Although I had fun putting in the cute captions in different shapes and sizes (students could add captions to pictures to show their understanding of a concept) and comments can be left on pictures (a tool to which could enhance writing and collaboration), I just found it too frustrating.  If I found it frustrating, I can’t imagine how frustrated my students would get if they were trying to use it in class or at home.


Here’s another strike against using Bubbleshare.  I attached the URL to my blog so you could all see what I created.  However, when I went back to my blog to check if it worked, I was not happy to see my personal email attached to the slideshow.  Even though I have the slideshow listed as private, I could not get rid of my email being broadcast to everyone in cyberspace which I definitely didn’t want so I took the link off.  Who would want their students’ emails shared with everyone if you were to put their work on a blog, for example???  Yikes, good thing we’re trying out these things.  If anyone knows how I can get rid of my email address on my slideshow, please let me know.