Hi class,

I thought that the video that Joanne put on her trailfire “Photo Sharing in Plain English” was a good place to start to find out what photo sharing is all about.  It would be a good introductory if you were teaching your staff or students about photo sharing.  The Wikipedia decscription about photo sharing  linked to the same trail is also helpful to someone just starting out. 


Something I hadn’t thought much about was its point about having a safe place to store your pictures.  I’ve thought about the importance of having web-based access to pictures, photo sharing being used to organize pictures, but I had never thought of sites like Flickr as safe places to store pictures.  There are other photo sharing sites listed in this video that I’d like to take a look at at a later date: Photobucket and Webshot.  I know that the video is on Joanne’s trailfire but I wanted to see if I could find it on YouTube and attach it to my own blog. This is my first attempt at attaching a video to my blog so I hope it works!  WordPress says that all I have to do is copy the URL from YouTube and it should play on my blog.  Here goes…